Candidate for North East Somerset

Fay Whitfield

Green Party General Election Candidate

I'm running in this election to give a voice to those who are not well represented in politics, especially the younger generation. My generation have spent their entire adult lives in austerity, trying to start their lives while being told to 'tighten their belts'. And then on top of that, we've now been told there is effectively 10 years left to prevent the worst effects of climate change, and if we fail then it us who have to bear the concequences. Because of this voters will know I stand for three things: 1) preventing climate change by subsidising sustainable practices in agriculture and clean energy, saying no to Bristol Airport expansion, and insulating homes. 2) supporting a Green Economy which provides Green Jobs that prevent climate change, which makes living more affordable, which invests in local infrastructure. 3) Creating a democracy which works for everyone, not just those with the deepest pockets or who can shout the loudest, by backing a People’s Vote, proportional representation and votes at 16.

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