Candidate for North Dorset

Kenneth Huggins

Green Party General Election Candidate

I have lived in Dorset for 11 years, & been a Parish Councillor since 2013 working to turn neglected land into wildlife habitat and to protect local green spaces via a Neighbourhood Plan. I co-organise the environment group Resurgence Dorset.

I joined the Green Party in 2014 when I became aware of the negative influence of vested financial interests in UK politics, and the failure of the political system to represent the whole electorate.
I am alarmed at the present government’s environmental incompetence and complacency. The 5 year term of the next Parliament will cover half the remaining time the IPCC has given us to prevent unstoppable runaway climate change and societal collapse. The next UK government will need to take urgent wide ranging action, something the present government has completely failed to do.
As North Dorset’s MP my top priorities would be the development of a truly sustainable local economy with green jobs, provision of genuinely affordable zero carbon housing, transformation of public transport, and making Dorset the first county to be 100% powered by renewable energy. I totally oppose fracking & want all Council funds divested from fossil fuel industries.

Farming is the most important occupation of all, but it is neither valued or appropriately supported. We rely too much on imported food, and many modern farming practices greatly contribute to the climate and eological crisis. We must support farmers to adopt more natural and organic forms of farming that reverse the ecological harm that’s been done.

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