Candidate for Newton Abbot

Megan Debenham

Green Party General Election Candidate

Before entering politics I had a career of thirty plus years in public services, as a social worker in both health service and community settings, and then as a front line team manager. My background includes some social sciences research, and teaching with the OU.
After I retired, I worked as a clerk to a parish council, and then became a parish councillor. I stood for election to the district council earlier this year, and came second, ahead of the Conservative candidate.
I joined the Green Party eighteen months ago when it became clear that the party I had previously supportedfor over fifty years was not adequately addressing increasingly urgent environmental issues. In the Green Party manifesto, I found values, aspirations and intentions with which I can closely identify, and in the party leadership a serious and respectful desire to actually solve problems.
On the Parish Council my primary focus has been working alongside the Environment and other agencies to improve flood protection and resilience. I have been involved in projects to install a lighting mast for the Air Ambulance Service, a defibrillator, and to improve equipment in our playing field. I am currently working with our local allotments association to achieve greater autonomy and higher standards in the management of the allotment site.
I look upon being the Green Party candidate in the forthcoming general election as an unmissable opportunity to spread the Green message as far and as powerfully as possible, and if elected will work both to address local issues, and to add my voice to those demanding national action to address climate change and pollution.