Candidate for Newcastle-under-Lyme

carl johnson

Green Party General Election Candidate

Originally from Yorkshire, I live and work in NUL. I became interested in climate issues when I studied for a joint Science and Teaching degree. I now own a small haulage company and understand the urgent need for a complete overhaul of the way we conduct our business and personal lives. I am a keen follower of Jeremy Rifkin and his global economic strategies. I want to move the world on from the 19th 20th centuries from which the carbon bill is due. We have all the technologies we need to provide a sustainable future and avoid catastrophic climate change- we just lack the political will. Social justice and climate challenges go hand in hand with new green technologies of the 21st century.

Listening to people it is clear we live in an unequal system. It is everyone's right to have a quality education, a living wage, a home of their own, Police that respond and a NHS that we can be proud of. Self-governance is the key to transforming public services and technology for equality.

We have until 2050 to pay. We cannot continue to burn coal, oil. Homes must be energy efficient and energy producers sharing this power online for free, the infrastructure for EV, FCV vehicles for transport, shipping, airline travel must be invested in. Now. The future is now. We can and must avoid completely unnecessary climate changes. We have everything we need, wind, solar, wave, hydrogen. We need voting and buying power.

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