Candidate for Morecambe and Lunesdale

Chloe Buckley

Green Party General Election Candidate

I live in Morecambe and work as a University lecturer. Our area is a great place to live, but it has been neglected by the Conservative MP, David Morris, who has supported cuts to our services. I’m standing for Greens because we need to build a fairer and more sustainable society. I also believe that remaining in the EU is vital to ensuring our prosperity. As a Green MP, I will fight to secure the Eden Project in Morecambe with a zero-carbon commitment and guaranteed jobs for local people. I'll campaign for more funding for local schools and public services, which have suffered through a decade of austerity. Conservative promises to fund schools and save the NHS ring hollow. Indeed, it’s hard to take the promises of politicians in the main parties seriously given the mess of Brexit. The system is in crisis and the Green Party offer a proper alternative. We need a fairer voting system and cooperation in government rather than the grandstanding and stalemate we’ve experienced in the years since the EU referendum. In the North West, we’ve seen first-hand how the climate crisis affects our homes and businesses. It's essential that government, businesses and individuals take urgent action and I will make this my top priority. The Green New Deal devised by Green Party representatives, including our fantastic MEP Gina Downing, promises sustainable public transport and Green jobs. We need more Green MPs in the UK parliament to make this happen.

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