Candidate for Mid Sussex

Deanna Nicholson

Green Party General Election Candidate

I have lived in Mid Sussex for 25 years, raised my three daughters here, and have taught Maths and Physics in local state 6th Forms for the last 14 years. Previous to teaching, I worked in the IT industry as a Systems Manager, and know the many obstacles working parents face. It was during this time in the late 80’s that Climate Change really hit the public conscience.

Even then, the science spoke clearly to anyone who would listen honestly, but the Green Party alone has consistently treated the need to care for our environment as more than just a vote winner. How we respond to the challenge of Climate Change in this late hour will define the way history judges our actions - this is not just another election gimmick to be forgotten when the hustings are over.

All government policy from the environment to education should be led by the current best independent research and evidence. My background and training mean I have the skills needed to contribute to, and lead if necessary the formation of effective and evidence-based policy. In my own professional life as a teacher I have seen too many times costly and harmful interventions based on the current Education Minister’s whim – this has to stop.

We keep getting promised so much, but face complacency and broken promises after every election. Real meaningful change can happen and I hope to be a part of that process as MP for Mid Sussex.

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