Candidate for Manchester, Withington

Lucy Bannister

Green Party General Election Candidate

I have always been a tireless campaigner, using my working and unpaid time to challenge injustice in the UK. From three years at a national workers’ rights campaign and running the Stop AIDS Campaign during my time at the University of Manchester, to supporting vulnerable people at Cornerstone Day Centre and a safehouse for trafficked women.

I am honoured to be representing the Green Party in Manchester Withington and for the opportunity to bring my skills, of holding politicians to account and delivering real change, to the constituency.

I am passionate about tackling inequality, securing better quality of life for all and protecting our future. I’m fed up of watching the Conservatives hold our political system in deadlock, whilst continuing to ruin lives through their harmful policies, and Labour leadership be unable to oppose a failing government. We need a change.

I last stood for the Green Party here in 2015 when we increased our votes five-fold, securing our highest ever percentage here. I am excited to be standing again whilst we are seeing a Green surge across the country as people are waking up to immediate threat of climate change.

There’s no more important time to be voting Green.

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