Candidate for Manchester, Gorton

Eliza Tyrrell

Green Party General Election Candidate

Our two biggest threats are the crisis in our democracy and our endangered environment. If these are safeguarded first, everything else would follow – jobs, equality and hope for humanity. The Green Party understands this best and is leading new ways to approach these problems.

The Green Party is willing to collaborate with other parties and has shown the way.

As citizens, our access to a healthy democracy has been severely eroded and we’ve reached a critical point. Governments and politicians are swerving accountability and acting in brazen self-interest. I am fully committed to electoral reform and The Green Party’s vision of a Citizen’s Democracy as well as the Green New Deal.

At a local level, having lived in the Gorton constituency since 2000 I understand local issues.

I stood in the last two local council elections, because I believe in the principle of people having a choice to support the Green Party and to increase our visibility nationally.

My mother was one of the original Greenham Common peace camp women, I went there as a child, as well as the CND star marches of the 1980s. This taught me much about direct action and the power of very different groups working together respectfully for a common goal.

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