Candidate for Maldon

Janet Mary Band nee Janet Dine

Green Party General Election Candidate

Janet Dine is a Professor of International Economic Development Law at Queen Mary University of London. She is a former barrister who practiced at the English Bar dealing with criminal and commercial cases.

Janet is acutely aware of the seriousness of the climate emergency and the damaging effects of the current economic system. Our persistent focus on economic growth is devastating the planet and leading to enormous inequality. Janet believes that humans must be custodians of the planet, not plunderers of nature, and this is reflected in her policymaking.

As the local voice for Green politics, Janet is desperately concerned about poverty, international trade and the degradation of the planet. Local issues are also of high importance to Janet, who has lived in the Maldon constituency for 10 years.

Among Janet’s priorities are:
• calling for a transparent new policy on social housing
• focusing on the renovation of existing homes, over the construction of new ones
• improving the quality of transportation and increasing the use of electric buses throughout the district
• supporting initiatives like insulation and the installation of solar panels
• advocating for health, happiness and environmental-consciousness across the District

Janet said, “I am thrilled to represent the Maldon District Green Party in this general election. My principles reflect those of the majority at this time of climate crisis and political uncertainty. I hope I can count on the support of local residents in my attempt to improve our constituency for all.”