Candidate for Maidenhead

Emily Tomalin

Green Party General Election Candidate

Hi there, recently I have been very inspired by Extinction Rebellion and Greta Thunberg. 25 years ago I worked on developing some of the UKs first windfarms in Wales, and a colleague said to me, "they have discovered there may be positive feedback effects in global warming....the climate could change quite rapidly..." Sian Berry said last night that if we don't substantially reduce emissions by 2030 there is a 50% chance of some kind of climate catastrophe! That means potentially sudden food shortages. I was trained as an engineer and have always been drawn to bicycles, wind turbines and solar energy. I have worked on establishing innovative companies, a windfarm developer (Ecogen) and community energy Coop (Maidenergy) and a couple of housing coops. I worked for TVEnergy and studied social housing for Solar energy, reducing peoples electricity bills. I am no spring chicken now but I am eager to communicate my experience, as a PPC for The Green Party. Its all possible, time to start!

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