Candidate for Liverpool, West Derby

william Ward

Green Party General Election Candidate

Born in Liverpool, raised in County Durham in a mining family. Have been a Trades Union member most of my life. Working life has been varied from manual to academic to small business. I believe strongly that a civilised society should both look after all of its people and invest in their potential, thereby enriching all of society. It is lack of political will that stops the transformation of our society for the better and it is the application of political will that is making our society cruel, unforgiving and broke. The dominant political parties have capitulated to Big Finance and Big Business as a result we become poorer, our environment is made toxic and the rights; to protest, to privacy and to civil rights are eroded. The Green vision for a democratic, sustainable, people and environment friendly society is doable, is happening now and all we need to do is join together and take control of our lives and our communities. As E F Schumacher wrote in his book ‘Small is Beautiful, ‘Think Global, act Local’.

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