Candidate for Liverpool, Wavertree

Kay Inckle

Green Party General Election Candidate

I grew up in Derbyshire and I have lived in many places, including Dublin, before settling in Liverpool. One of the things that I love about Liverpool is the sense of community solidarity and the way that people come together in times of difficulty. This is one of those times. We are facing a climate crisis, inequality and suffering at unprecedented levels and we have to come together and take action now. Liverpool has some of the worst air quality and some of the highest levels of deprivation in the country. We cannot accept this any longer. I joined the Green Party because I believe we are the only party that is prepared to take the radical action needed to transform our country and we are not afraid to speak out. Our democracy, health service, public transport and energy systems are all broken, and it is the poorest people in our communities that suffer most from all of these. This election is our chance to say YES to a different kind of future – one where everyone has enough and our planet and our communities can flourish. Please join me in voting Green and making a positive change.

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