Candidate for Leicester East

Melanie Wakley

Green Party General Election Candidate

I’m proud to stand for Leicester East because it’s a diverse area with people living in mixed communities.
I am concerned about the changes to our climate which have led to declarations of emergency but the Government is not setting the goals as to how they are going to achieve the targets necessary to avoid the worst effects of Climate Change.
I feel passionately about keeping fossil fuels in the ground and developing renewable energy. I feel we must encourage companies to withdraw their money from fossil fuels and invest in renewable energy.
I have completed a UN Accredited course on Climate Change teaching to become one of 800 globally qualified teachers. The UN’s aim is to get a Climate Change Lead teacher in every school to educate children about how they can help. I want to take my new skills to the classroom but also to adults working with people to achieve our goals and keep global warming below 1.5oC – the Paris Agreement goals.
I want to fight for rewilding and increased local biodiversity, improved public transport and lower pollution levels in and around Leicester, particularly near to city schools. I want to fight racism in all its forms and make us a community, working together, to improve the environment, for future generations.
If I am elected, I will stand up for freedom of movement, action to tackle climate change and better funding for local authorities.

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