Candidate for Leeds East

Shahab Adris

Green Party General Election Candidate

There are some Green Policies which I feel very strongly about, including cutting greenhouses gases, investing and protecting our NHS, and creating new jobs in new clean and green industries. This is a vision of the future for our country, but I am equally concerned about other issues which need addressing such as building affordable new homes which are zero carbon, scrapping tuition fees for our students, planting millions of trees, and introducing a universal basic income for everyone and ending the current benefits system.

I have lived, studied and worked in Leeds for well over a decade. Having engaged with local and wider communities through my work in human rights, having studied International Development to a very high level, and currently as someone who teaches on politics and social justice - I believe I am in a great position to take my passion and energy to help our citizens in Leeds East and to contribute to a better tomorrow for all of us. I want to eradicate poverty, I want every young person to fulfil their ambition, and I want our amazing elderly people to feel safe, wanted and properly cared for. For everyone else, how about having proper cycle routes, no parking fines for those earning less than £50k, and coming down strong on those bailiffs and legal firms who stress-out families already in difficulty? How about banning single-use plastic, improving energy efficiency of your homes, having 4-day working weeks, and improving our access and quality of education?

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