Candidate for Kingston upon Hull North

Richard Howarth

Green Party General Election Candidate

Richard Howarth has been a computer programmer, a biodiesel engineer, and a bookkeeper. He transformed his inefficient Hull terraced in to a cosy, low energy home, awarded the region’s first Superhome. He gives regular tours and wrote a website, to inspire and help others:

When oil and gas companies bought up licences covering virtually the whole of East Yorkshire, Richard worked with communities across the region, informing and empowering them to stand up and oppose fracking.

Richard is appalled at the UK’s rampant inequality, worsening for 30 years, and believes in a fair society for all. He is dismayed by the privatisation of the NHS, begun in earnest with Private Finance Initiatives in the 2000s and continuing to this day, and campaigns for a publicly owned and properly funded national health and social care service.

Most importantly of all though, Richard is fighting for urgent, serious action to tackle climate change “now reaching the end-game”, with humanity’s last chance to avoid chaos and collapse. He initiated the Climate Emergency motion declared unanimously by Hull City Council, stands in solidarity with the Climate Strikers, and works with Extinction Rebellion to Tell the Truth, Act Now, and demand a Citizen’s Assembly.

In our broken and outdated voting system, the Tories can't win in Hull and can't loose in the East Riding – so you are free to vote for what you believe in.

So let's put people before profit.

Let's Fight For What Matters, and Vote Green.

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