Candidate for Kensington

Vivien Lichtenstein

Green Party General Election Candidate

My ‘green shoots’ arose during the miners’ strike in 1984. While I had sympathy for the miners, their families and communities, I was also concerned about ‘dirty’ coal. Labour seemingly concentrated on jobs at any cost without considering the environment. Structural adjustment is inevitable given new industries and technologies, and old ones are replaced, which Labour doesn’t seem to consider, while the Tories and their supporters in finance and industry don’t regard people and our resources as much more than a means to increase profits.

Having joined the Green Party in 1997, I co-founded West Central London Green Party in time for the first London Assembly elections and am now its Chair.

I have worked mostly in financial management in industry and the charity sector, and until recently was a part-time carer for my elderly parents; they were holocaust survivors which I believe influenced my approach to universal human rights and welfare.

Since 1982, apart from a break in the mid-80s when I worked for a charity on hunger-related issues, I’ve been very active on Israeli-Palestinian peace and human rights issues in various Jewish and joint Jewish-Palestinian organisations.

Born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, we moved to Manchester when I was six and to London aged 12 (Borough of Camden till 18). Apart from university and two other years, I’ve lived in Westminster (Maida Vale since 1978); Kensington is a short walk away.

Degrees: BA (Econ) Hons in Decision Theory and Econometrics (Manchester University) and MSc in Information Systems (LSE).

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