Candidate for Jarrow

James Milne

Green Party General Election Candidate

I’m really honoured that South Tyneside Greens have asked me to stand in this election.

A vote for me is a vote for that hard-working Green team, who’ve been holding the council to account for years, and especially since the election of Cllr David Francis back in May. Since then, we’ve pushed the Council to take decisive action on the Climate and Environmental crisis we’re facing – to minimise the damage we’re doing, and to protect our homes and families from the future consequences of that damage.

Our communities are full of people with the manufacturing and engineering experience we need to build a fairer, greener society. The Green Party has the policies to provide good jobs here, that’ll put food on the table, and also give people pride in work that helps improve society and protect the environment we all rely on. We want to invest in the North East and in all our futures.

I’ve worked for South Tyneside Council, so I know first-hand how austerity and outsourcing of council systems to the private sector have affected the ability of council workers to serve the community.

For too long, communities in South Tyneside have been neglected. The Green Party are working hard all year round to change that, and to be a strong voice for everyone in the Borough, but we need your help to do it. If you want change, please vote for it on Thursday 12th December.

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