Candidate for Huntingdon

Daniel Laycock

Green Party General Election Candidate

I’m going to correct one big lie and tell one big truth.

First, the big lie. Get Brexit Done. Boris Johnson’s rotten deal will not get it done, it’s just more years of wrangling. His oven ready meal is made of chlorinated chicken and it will make us all sick. And when we turn up at the hospital we’ll find it sold to Trump’s America.

That’s why the Green Party supports a People’s Vote on Brexit and I will campaign wholeheartedly for remain. In 2016, I voted to leave and I cannot support the rhetoric, narrow minded argument for leaving the European Union.
And now, the big truth. From the Amazon to the Artic, the world is on fire. Our House is on fire. Scientists say we have just ten years to stop runaway climate chaos. This emergency requires us to rise up and be our best. An opportunity not to just avert disaster, but through an ambitious Green New Deal to fix Britain for good.

This election is the greatest but perhaps the last chance to change course. Children can’t vote. The Planet can’t vote. It is up to you and I ask you. If not now, when?

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