Candidate for Horsham

Catherine Ross

Green Party General Election Candidate

As a lifelong Horsham resident and parent of two children in Horsham schools, I am invested in the future prosperity of the town, the wider constituency and all those who live here.

To me, that means sustainable development and genuinely affordable housing with appropriate infrastructure for people living and working in and around Horsham. It means fair funding for our schools, health care and other public services. It means opposing fracking and oil exploration while investing in renewable energy and it means committing to better, more transparent democracy.

Like the majority of people in Horsham, I voted to remain in the EU and believe a People’s Vote on the Brexit deal is the only way to resolve the deadlock. In the event of another vote, I would campaign to remain in the EU because I believe unity, equality and freedom are privileges we shouldn't be prepared to sacrifice.

When it comes to addressing the climate crisis, we must take bold action now. The traditional parties aren’t prepared to go far enough. We need to demand action to make the UK carbon free by 2030 if we are to have any hope of preventing the most serious impacts of the climate changing. As your elected MP, I would work to secure that action across the country and help us take our place as world leaders on this most pressing issue.

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