Candidate for Greenwich and Woolwich

Victoria Rance

Green Party General Election Candidate

Nothing matters more than the future of our planet and our guardianship of it for our children. I have been active in campaigning on climate breakdown, focusing on phasing out car use with a push towards walking cycling, public transport and clean energy, and protection of our local wildlife. As a Green I commit to do everything I can to ensure that local and national governments enact the policies necessary to hold global heating below 1.5 degrees C, and to prevent mass extinction.

I am leading the fight to protect our children against the toxic Silvertown Tunnel, and supported the campaign against London City Airport expansion. I am a strong advocate of the People’s Vote and remaining in the EU.

I am an artist and teacher and have brought up three children in Greenwich where I have lived since 1992. I have taught art and ESOL in community education in Lewisham and Greenwich since 1993, and before that in Tower Hamlets. I am the founder and coordinator of the Stop the Silvertown Tunnel Coalition. I have campaigned for an ecology officer in Greenwich and Woolwich and was an active participant in the successful No Toxic Cruise Terminal Campaign.

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