Candidate for Gosport

Zoe Aspinall

Green Party General Election Candidate

I live in Lee on the Solent with my husband, son and daughter. We moved here 10 years ago. I love the feeling of community and the freedom to enjoy the outdoors.
I've now been teaching for 20 years, including several Gosport primary schools and currently a local secondary school. I am passionate about the children and families I come into contact with and supporting them in any way I can.
For 5 years, I taught abroad. This has given me a great insight into how other countries organise themselves and understanding alternative approaches. I have experienced the haze in Borneo caused, by the burning of the rainforests and the impact of pollution in China to daily lives. This drives my determination to act on the climate emergency.
Upon my return to the UK, I was struck by the deterioration that had occurred, as a result of austerity. Seeing the detriment this has caused to families who were already living hand to mouth. In one of the richest countries in the world, this should never happen! To further compound the impact of austerity, we have a constant flow of money to private companies gaining profits and benefiting from the public purse. I fully support the Green New Deal and rearranging the economy to keep public money public and reinvesting into infrastructure and services to provide employment and rejuvenating society.

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