Candidate for Gateshead


Green Party General Election Candidate

Gateshead needs a Green MP to push the climate emergency to the top of the priority for whichever party makes it into power. For Gateshead this means an integrated and affordable public transport system; the choice of affordable and sustainable energy; and protection of our wonderful green spaces.

The Green Party also stands for social justice and voting Green would symbolise that you want an end to austerity that is crippling our schools, hospitals and social care systems with consequences that are damaging to us all. The symptoms of austerity - our children and older adults living in poverty, rising crime, drug misuse, deteriorating public mental health, declining social housing and other services - are unfortunately far too evident in Gateshead and we need to let Westminster know that we won't stand for it any longer.

I feel deeply honoured and humbled to have been chosen to represent the Green Party in this fantastic town.

Vote Green and make this the election for climate action and social change.

Rachel Cabral

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