Candidate for Forest of Dean

Chris McFarling

Green Party General Election Candidate

Whilst working as a naturalist guide in Ecuador I fell in love with the natural world.

Understanding the threats posed by climate chaos and the collapse in biodiversity, I developed a deep green ethic. I joined the Green Party to help encourage a better understanding of our natural world and stand up for its protection.

I look to communities for reassurance and resilience. I believe in community building as an inherent good.

I have served, and continue to serve as trustee for charities involved with the homeless, the poor and wildlife conservation.

As a long-standing school governor and parish councillor I aspire to improving the lives of local people.

In 2015 I was elected as the first green member of the Forest of Dean District Council.
In July 2017, I was asked to serve on the new rainbow cabinet to hold the environment, wildlife, heritage and culture portfolios.

I work with the Foresters' Forest HLF Landscape Partnership Initiative to sustain, enhance and raise awareness of the natural, built and cultural heritage of this unique place.

As a member of parliament I will
- proactively promote genuine sustainability – sharing the planet with all life on earth;
- help leave a healthier legacy for future generations,
- enable urgent reductions in carbon footprints at every level.
- increase opportunities of meaningful work for all whatever their background.
- endeavour to replace the pursuit of wealth with that of happiness.
- work tirelessly to represent all that call the Forest of Dean area their home.