Candidate for Eastleigh

Ron Meldrum

Green Party General Election Candidate

Ron Meldrum has been concerned about environmental issues since a young age. He joined the Green Party after realizing that the old political parties did not have a core philosophy of looking after out planet and only want to pursue the Growth model of economics. This model is clearly pillaging and ruining our planet for short term profit.

Ron has a degree in electronics and and spent 40 years in industry. He trained some 25 years ago as as a CBT therapist and runs a private CBT business.

Ron lived in Eastleigh, for some twenty years and feels he knows the area well. He has sadly watched much of its destruction thru over development of housing.

Ron's main area of interest are mental health, education transport and financial models. Ron says he feels he would be a big asset in Parliament. He looks forward to being able to work along side Caroline Lucas and help make some of the big changes the country so desperately needs

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