Candidate for East Worthing and Shoreham

Leslie Groves Williams

Green Party General Election Candidate

I want to drag politics into the 21st Century. I think the duty of politicians is to plan further than the next election, to make decisions based on a clear set of ethics and values rather than the whims of the day, to ask the difficult questions about the biggest challenges facing our society. We have to ask and answer questions such as 'how are we going to radically re-organise our society in the transition to global heating, in terms of mitigating the worst case scenario and living with the reality of our current rapidly heating planet?' ‘how are we going to change our economy so that power and money stops flowing away from those who have the least to those who have the most? How can support our most vulnerable citizens to live with dignity instead of making them jump through hoops to access some of their most basic needs? How can we care for our increasingly ageing population?

While I work globally- running my own successful business for 20 years, advising charities, government and international organizations in over 30 countries on human rights and inequality- I am also deeply involved in my local community. I was chair of Adur Green Party for three years, standing in local elections. I am currently an associate school governor; co-founder of an initiative that aims to bring those with lived experiences of poverty and decision makers together to seek creative solutions and; volunteer within the local criminal justice system.

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