Candidate for East Devon

Henry Gent

Green Party General Election Candidate

Henry Gent

Henry is a 61 year old farmer, living on the farm in Broadclyst, where he has lived all his life. It is a mixed farm, and is currently concentrating on organic grain, vegetables, fodder, and chickens. Henry has been a trustee of local charities, the chair of a local grain storage cooperative, and the 2018 winner of the Chairman’s Award for the outstanding contribution to the Organic Milk Suppliers Cooperative. Henry is very interested in agricultural policy.

Henry says that for more than ten years the challenge of global warming has been at the top of his priorities. As a result, he has changed his life style, and the farm business. With his family he has built two dwellings on the farm to Passivhaus standards. He is involved with various initiatives within his parish to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and he chairs the parish council’s committees for communications and traffic.

Henry says: “family life and the family farm are the centre of my life, and the long term future means everything to me. My political priority is to be able to look future generations in the eye when they ask me what I did in the climate emergency.”

Call Henry: 07974 373554