Candidate for Ealing North

Jeremy Parker

Green Party General Election Candidate

After feeling disillusioned with "mainstream" politics I found my natural home in the Green Party in 2012. All my life I have admired those who stand up for the planet and the environment, so it was with pride that I joined the Reading Green Party, and later the Ealing Greens, eventually standing as a local election candidate in 2018. My experiences with both the Ealing and Reading Greens have enthused me for local politics and made me realise its importance.
We stand at a crossroads in history. The way forward has been muddied by the dark waters of Brexit, but beyond that we see a world threatened by the rise of the far right, and beyond that, we have the time bomb that is the climate breakdown. There has never been a greater need for the Green Party, and I will be proud to represent them in the coming elections.

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