Candidate for Devizes

Emma Dawnay

Green Party General Election Candidate

Emma, a scientist with a degree from Cambridge University and a PhD, has a passion for economics. She feels that a poor understanding of economics causes real hardship for many people and is unnecessarily constraining our transition to a low carbon economy.

“We are told that on average three times richer than when I was a child, but we don’t have enough money for basic public services or for taking the steps necessary to combat climate change. The good news is that we do have enough, and public investment will be good for creating meaningful well-paid jobs as well as reducing our energy requirements and incentivising the transition to renewable energy.”

Emma is also co-chair of the local Green party which has been active in campaigning for local issues such as keeping the Oxenwood and Braeside outdoor educational centres open and opposing a planned incinerator from being built at Westbury, which, if built, will commit us to putting 160 thousand tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere for the next 25 years.

Emma grew up in the Devizes constituency and moved back here to her childhood home to care for her elderly mother. She is married and has a daughter at St Johns School in Marlborough. She has fought the two previous parliamentary elections and is standing for a third time.

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