Candidate for Croydon South

Peter Underwood

Green Party General Election Candidate

Peter has lived in Croydon for nearly twenty years and he works for a charity that supports local volunteers and community groups to look after our precious parks and woodlands. Peter is a longstanding member of the Selsdon Residents Association and chair of Croydon Friends of the Earth. Peter has previously worked in both the Westminster and European Parliaments and so he knows how to make things happen at local, national, and international levels.

Peter’s priorities if elected are to:
- Put power back into people's hands through giving people a say on whether to accept any Brexit deal or remain in the EU and introducing a fair proportional election system for parliament
- Invest in our future instead of continuing the government’s cuts, restoring our public services and supporting small businesses
- Take real action to tackle the climate emergency, if we want to have a future then that future has to be green

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