Candidate for Coventry North West

Stephen Gray

Green Party General Election Candidate

I am a local candidate who has lived in Coventry for over two decades, having arrived in Coventry as a student and stayed here after graduating. I am passionate about Coventry, and spend much of my free time working to help our local community. That has included things from debt counselling to regularly volunteering at Coventry Motofest.

The national issues I am most concerned about are the impact of the Climate Emergency and the increasing inequality in our country as a result of a decade of austerity.

On a local level, I am absolutely committed to protecting Coventry's Greenbelt and other green spaces, which are under threat from houses that the city doesn't actually need. I also want to work to help solve our traffic problems - congestion, air pollution, and speeding all need urgent action, and current proposals aren't up to the job.

A Green vote in Coventry North West is a vote for somebody who knows and understands our city, someone who will stand up for our interests, and someone who will work to make Coventry a better place for everyone.

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