Candidate for Cities of London and Westminster

Zack Polanski

Green Party General Election Candidate

Zack Polanski is the candidate for Cities of London & Westminster. He is also running for the London Assembly Constituency of West Central London.
Internally in the party, he is a candidate for the Mayor of London selection and the Assembly.

Zack has lived in London for over a decade and has been fully immersed in the capitals job economy. Working in schools, mental health services and prisons he has a diverse range of skills that all involve working with people to get the best out of them. It's this passion for working in communities which fuel his political energies into making our capital city a better place for everyone.

He has also devoted a lot of time to campaigning for Proportional Representation and a keen advocate for the Universal Basic Income. Being gay and Jewish, he knows what it's like to be different - and he's keen that we nurture our differences and work together to make a community that works for everybody.

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