Candidate for Central Devon

Andy Williamson

Green Party General Election Candidate

Moved to Ashburton, in the Central Devon constituency in 2009, with wife and daughter.
Works as musician (saxophonist, singer, teacher).
Founded the campaign to buy Ashburton Methodist Church building when the Methodists put it up for auction in 2015. This was successful, and Andy is now the Arts Director on the board which runs it as a community arts centre. 100 events there in 2018; 200 in 2019 including world-class live music.
Has the condition Polycystic Kidney Disease. Developed end-stage renal failure in 2006. Has had two kidney transplants, both from living donors (friend and cousin).
Believes that monetary reform is essential, to get rid of the absolute requirement for continual economic growth. Without this imperative, the financial system would be free to grow or contract without fear of collapse, and environmental sustainability could become the key requirement in any policy, regardless of its impact on GDP.
Strongly supports remaining in the EU.

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