Candidate for Carshalton and Wallington

Tracey Hague

Green Party General Election Candidate

Croydon born & bred, my mother came from Cheam. Political interests started with Greenpeace aged 16. For 20y I have developed environmental exoertise in the energy & buildings sector, delivering governmental projects across Sutton, South West London & further afield.

An advocate for empowerment, I sat on Croydon’s Scrutiny Sub-committee, so I know how councils & agencies work and have a track record of raising issues & representing people. My professionalism earns wide respect. I stand up for what I believe in and thus have stood in elections at all levels over the past 9y. We need to change how we do things - in society, industry, and government - but have precious little time to avert climate catastrophe. I've promoted environmental issues on all media & on street corners. The Green Party has the solutions, knowledge & the will to enact the changes needed.

Solving problems is my forte - troubleshooting - from events to presentations, for young & old. I've been brave enough to try new ideas but equally pulled together others who have expertise to create a great team and get things done (voluntary/third sector, schools, NGOs, lobbying groups, policing & anti-social behaviour, community groups). As a passionate advocate for democracy & a regular on protest marches & peaceful direct action, from Stop The Incinerator to Westminster.

Interests: veganism (especially cakes!), Pilates, cycling, music, gardening, theatre, home eco-renovation
Languages: French, German & British Sign Language

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