Candidate for Bury St Edmunds

Helen Geake

Green Party General Election Candidate

Helen has stood in Parliamentary elections for the Green Party in Bury St Edmunds in 2015 and 2017, achieving the 12th highest Green vote in the country in 2017. An archaeologist for thirty years, in May Helen won a seat as a district councillor as part of the Green landslide in Mid Suffolk, where the number of Green councillors was doubled to 12.

“Whoever wins this election could hold power for the next five years – and that’s half the time we have left to tackle the climate crisis. To fight climate chaos locally, we have to invest in public transport, including restoring a sensible school bus service. We have to improve our housing stock so that we have enough energy-efficient homes in the right places and at the right prices; and we have to support our farmers in a climate-friendly farming revolution.”

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