Candidate for Bury South

Glyn Heath

Green Party General Election Candidate

Dr Glyn Heath has lived in Bury for 27 years and is married with three grown-up children. He recently retired as a Lecturer/Researcher having worked at the University of Salford, where he specialised in Prosthetics. As such his professional work, interest in the environment and local political experience as a Borough Councillor (1995-1999) will enable him as a Green Party MP to promote green policies that would benefit us all”.

As your Green Party MP, Glyn would make balanced and informed judgements based on fairness and equality for the common good. National and local green policies will be driven by evidence-based issues decided by the needs of people, like you!

Glyn strongly supports renationalisation of a fully integrated public transport system, replacing our current profit-based expensive and fragmented one. Glyn opposes fracking for shale gas, and the continued reliance on fossil fuels, strongly supporting investment into alternative green energy production. Glyn strongly believes that education should be free and open to all and support the provision of free social care for the over 65s.

Glyn would also campaign for the protection of all endangered species and increasing species diversity as well as extending and improving wildlife-corridors across the whole of the UK.

Having previously securing large European Union grants for scientific and educational projects, Glyn understands the importance of maintaining close relationships with our European neighbours. Glyn would strongly campaign to remain in the European Union before implementation of a second referendum, as in keeping with Green Party Policy.

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