Candidate for Brentford and Isleworth

Victoria George

Green Party General Election Candidate

I have been an active member of the Green Party for over 4 years, and currently hold office as campaigns manager. I stood in the 2018 local elections in our target ward of Brentford and have been involved in many local campaigns, for example opposing Heathrow expansion and lobbying for change to reduce local air pollution. I have a public sector background – my main career was in public health, managing health promotion specialists in the community, then working for the NHS executive, and finally at Chelsea & Westminster hospital as Quality Co-ordinator. After leaving the NHS I worked at a Brentford secondary school for 5 years as a Learning Mentor, enabling young women to overcome a variety of barriers to learning. I am standing as a parliamentary candidate for the Green Party because I believe we need the new kind of politics that Greens stand for. One that is genuinely democratic with proportional representation in parliament. One that believes in deep reform in order to effectively address the climate change emergency, both through radical,immediate action and through longer term social and political change. I believe we must move away from our current destructive model of consumer capitalism which inevitably blights the lives of the least well-off and causes ecological disaster. Radical, modern political change is the only way forward, and the Green Party is the only party with a coherent vision for bringing about that change.

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