Candidate for Braintree

Tom Pashby

Green Party General Election Candidate

I got involved in politics because I realised that our current system of unending economic growth is completely unsustainable on a finite planet, and is actively damaging people’s lives and the health of our environment.

My background is in campaigning for a cleaner energy system in the UK and for a fairer society. I studied environmental science at university, and have since worked in the private sector and for a social enterprise.

I have been involved in local, national and international politics. From working with local environmental and human rights groups, to representing England and Wales at meetings of international activists in Europe.

I’m standing for parliament, because I want to give people the option to vote for a sustainable society which works for everyone. The Green Party’s policies are based on evidence and a value system which prioritises compassion for the people and the planet. We know another future is possible, where everyone is treated with respect and dignity, able to live full and happy lives.

I’m personally passionate about tackling the crisis in our handling of catastrophic climate change, moving to a fairer economy and ensuring rights for everyone.

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