Candidate for Bradford West

Darren Parkinson

Green Party General Election Candidate

My name is Darren Parkinson and I am the Green Party Candidate for Bradford West. I live in Bradford with my partner and two children. I studied Social Policy at Hull University in the 90's and then in 2002 moved to Bradford to study Nursing at Bradford University. After qualifying as a Learning Disability Nurse I went on to gain a job in the NHS working with Disabled Children, where I continue to work to this day.

I am positively engaged with my local community where I am Secretary and Vice-Chair of Bradford Green Party, volunteer with The Woodcraft Folk and am actively involved with my local community group. I am also an active campaigner on Clean Air issues and a member of the Clean Air Bradford Campaign.

Tackling the Climate Crisis remains the most crucial challenge of our times, a challenge that has been ignored by successive Governments. Addressing the Climate Emergency is my number one priority.

Working in the NHS, I also see first hand the impact of Tory austerity. Working for a fairer society is at the heart of what the Green Party stand for and if elected I will fight to ensure our NHS and other public services are properly funded.

As a Green MP for Bradford West I will work tirelessly to ensure that the needs of our planet and the people living on it are put first. …………………..

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