Candidate for Bosworth

mick gregg

Green Party General Election Candidate

Hello. I have reached my 52nd year on this wonderful planet. I live in Desford with my partner, between us we have five children from the ages 8 to 24. .
In 1991 I qualified as a social worker and since then I have worked in various Midlands local authorities and the NHS, with 12 years in management, helping and protection people in children's services, drug and alcohol teams, mental health and most recently as a senior in a team that supports Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children.
I first joined the Green Parry in 1988 when I wanted to improve recycling, renewable energy and make the world a fairer place - and how much things have changed since then! Alongside these massive strides, the Green Party has really grown to have the answers to every part of our society and our lives. Our polices and principles provide the road map to what we need to do together to make our lives less stressed, and sustainable for the generations to come after us.
I'm standing again as I want to share the positive message of what is possible

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