Candidate for Blackburn

Reza Hossain

Green Party General Election Candidate

Brought up in Blackburn, Dr Hossain trained as a doctor at Newcastle University and has worked as a GP in Essex for several years before returning to his home town. Reza has for many years been a passionate campaigner for the environment and for a while served on the Greenpeace ship, Arctic Sunrise as its doctor. As someone who has worked on projects around the world, he emphasises what has become known as our Extinction Crisis, affecting species and habitats all over the world and the living conditions of millions. Dr Hossain puts these down to ultimately, on the one hand, our economic system based on ever more economic growth and consumption, and, on the other, pressure from ever expanding populations.

The biggest immediate problem is, of course, climate change, and the Green Party believes that, above all, this election should be treated as the climate election.

“As a community doctor, I am a strong supporter of the NHS and for improved funding. But that’s not enough. Alongside healing people we have to heal the planet too, and practise healthier living styles. More cycling and walking, for example instead of driving everywhere!. Government has to take the lead in this”.

The Green Party is advocating massive investment in renewable technologies, home energy efficiency and sustainable transport, as it has been for decades. “Now is the time to make it happen”, says Dr Hossain, “and the best way to do this is by voting Green in this election.

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