Candidate for Birmingham, Ladywood

Alex Nettle

Green Party General Election Candidate

My name is Alex Nettle, and I’m running to be your MP in Birmingham Ladywood. I study Politics at the University of Birmingham, and am running in Ladywood because I believe that our politics needs a real shakeup. It’s clear that in recent times neither the Labour nor the Conservatives command the respect or ability to properly represent the people of Britain, and a new Green voice in parliament would allow the real concerns of this constituency to be dealt with. This is a constituency being pulled out of the EU against its will, a constituency with high unemployment and a high student population. A Green MP would guarrantee that people here are not left behind or ignored.
While I am young, I have spent 5 years actively involved in Green politics, helping to coordinate campaigns, spread our message and speak to voters. I want to be your MP so that you can have a strong, independent voice in parliament, not constrained by party whips and able to represent the interests of the constituency above all else.

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