Candidate for Birmingham, Ladywood

Alex Nettle

Green Party General Election Candidate

Today’s politics is ugly, accusatory and adversarial. Vested interests call the shots on the climate crisis, Brexit and beyond. Young people are especially impacted but barely considered in policy development. The main parties do not represent the best national interests, and so Greens are vital.
As a third year student of Politics at the University of Birmingham I have learnt to love this city. Ladywood voted Remain but is told it must accept Brexit, despite its socioeconomic damage. Ladywood has striking levels of inequality, while millions is spent on the prestigious city centre. It has low levels of car ownership, while suffering from congestion and air pollution. The Green Party backs a People’s Vote and clean air, would target inequality, and empower local communities.
Birmingham has been unexpectedly thrust into national limelight due to school protests, targeting inclusive education. I will always stand up for minority rights and the principle that Every Child Matters. As a gay man I know how it feels for the education system to leave you behind. No further generations should experience the same.
I have several years’ experience of Green activity, having worked for a Green MEP and sitting on the Young Greens Executive Committee. I know what it takes to represent people and to put constituents at the heart of your activity. Recent years have proven that politics needs radical change, and the biggest parties have taken people’s votes for granted for too long. We need Greens!

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