Candidate for Birmingham, Hodge Hill

Jane McKears

Green Party General Election Candidate

The Green Party polices are closely aligned to my beliefs. The economy, workers rights, membership of EU, environment and animal welfare are vital issues .Everyone needs dignity of working for a living wage, but some residents of Hodge Hill struggle to manage on their income, There is no point having a thriving economy if our planet is being destroyed. Air pollution is an issue across the UK and for people of Hodge Hill. We must take action to improve our health. The NHS should be properly funded , and job vacancies filled so that staff can provide care without the stress under which they are currently placed. Children need a good education to equip them for their future; we must fund and staff schools adequately. I am a retired NHS manager, and am committed to fighting encroaching privatisation, which threatens the quality and safety of our service. Two family members are teachers, I am a grand-mother, wanting good future for everyone's children. My interest in animal welfare resulted in my becoming vegan, and am a Trustee of the Vegan Society . As an Ambassador for Animal Free Research,I have fund-raised to encourage the use of non-animal experiments. My faith is in The Green Party of England and Wales.

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