Candidate for Berwick-upon-Tweed

Thomas Stewart

Green Party General Election Candidate

I’ve lived in Berwick upon Tweed for 26 years, and work for myself as an architect: in my spare time I particularly enjoy cycling and gardening.
Having first been introduced to the Green Party when I was a teenager, I finally joined in 2014 – I had looked at all of the “traditional” parties in our area and realised there was none that I felt comfortable voting for. The policies were stuck in the 50s, they didn’t listen to the north, they were consumed by infighting, and they pandered to whichever lobby groups were paying their bills. It turns out many people thought the same.
The need to care for the environment has been at the heart of the Green Party for 45 years; but, if it were just the environment, we’d be little more than a pressure group – social reform is also critical. Environmental justice and social justice are the two intertwined strands of our DNA: we exist to change society for the better through political office.
The greatest current threat to us and to coming generations is the climate emergency – there is nothing more urgent than the need to confront it at a local, national and international level.

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