Candidate for Bedford

Adrian Spurrell

Green Party General Election Candidate

Luton and Bedfordshire Green Party has chosen Adrian Spurrell to be their parliamentary candidate for the General Election.
Adrian joined the Green Party some years ago when it became apparent to him that our levels of consumption, not just in the UK, but globally were unsustainable. Current estimates put total human consumption between 1.7 and 3 times the Earth’s sustainable capacity.
As well as this challenge, he is acutely conscious of the damage that will come with the ongoing climate collapse, which will have staggering global impact – something that will not be escaped in this country with villages near the sea already starting to be moved.
He believes politics in the UK has been moribund for years, fixated on economics not social and environmental wellbeing and ignoring the very real systemic challenges we are facing. Challenges whose impact is being felt through indicators such as growing mental health issues, exacerbated by years of unnecessary ideologically driven austerity and a lack of a truly representative voting system.
Adrian lives in Kemspton, where he moved to from Milton Keynes in 2016. Since then he has become active in a number of local charities and organisations and is a trustee/director of CVS Bedford, Sight Concern Bedford, Bedford Credit Union and The Kempston Charities as well as being the lay member on the local CCG Joint Prescribing Committee.

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