Candidate for Aylesbury

Coral Simpson

Green Party General Election Candidate

Coral has lived in Aylesbury Vale for most of her life. She volunteers with Girlguiding and the local rescued food café. Working in adult social care, she sees first-hand the lack of funding from central government and the impact it has. Coral has a school-age daughter and feels that the test driven education system empowers those who suit its methods but brands those who develop differently as failures - she believes all young people should have an opportunity to thrive.

Coral believes the Green Party is the only one that is truly working towards building a fairer society for everyone, one in which the NHS is well funded and managed, public transport is a real choice for the vast majority, all young people have better life-chances and the vulnerable are properly cared for.

Environmental and human rights laws are at risk due to Brexit and the Hunting Act faces being repealed if the Conservatives increase their majority. Coral wants to ensure that they are all protected and that everyone has a say on the final terms of Brexit in a ratifying referendum, as in all other elections we can change our minds and vote differently once policies become clear - the same principle should apply to Brexit. Coral will continue to press for proportional representation to ensure that in future elections, as in the referendum, every vote will count and matter wherever you happen to live, not just in a few marginal seats.

Coral will continue to oppose HS2, and believes that it makes economic sense to bring our existing railways back into public ownership to ensure the profits are spent on the service and to reduce fairs rather than line the pockets of shareholders and foreign governments. Coral would push for university tuition fees to be scrapped so that no-one is ever priced out of higher education.

Climate change will affect everyone - particularly the poorest nations of the world. The Green Party will ensure that the Government takes the issue seriously, support renewable energy and campaign to end fracking.

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