Candidate for Amber Valley

Lian Pizzey

I have been a member of the Green Party since 2015 and I am a parish councillor in my home village of Smalley. I have previously stood as a candidate for both Amber Valley Borough and Derbyshire County Councils for the Green Party. I was part of the campaign team that saw Dave Wells elected as our first Green Councillor to Amber Valley Borough Council. Hopefully the first of many more.

I am a qualified youth worker, graduating from Derby University in 1993. I have been working in the field of substance misuse for the last twenty-five years as a practitioner, senior worker and manager. In addition, I also work as a minibus driver in the local community transport service.

I have been a strong believer in the primacy of addressing climate change for many years and see the Green Party as the only viable vehicle for achieving the change we need to see. In Amber Valley we need better than what has been offered by Labour and the Tories. I am keen to argue the importance of Green thinking at the heart of our economy, in our transport system and in housing provision and that the number one issue for government must be addressing the Climate emergency.

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